Meet Our Staff - Jmee Felten

As the snow is finally melted (we hope) here in Wisconsin, and spring is coming into full bloom, you might be asking…”What would make someone “crazy” enough to commit to working a full summer at Living Waters Bible Camp?” Let’s direct that question towards someone with a lot of experience. Camp kid and long-time volunteer, Jmee Felten, has recently decided to join the ranks of summer staff and can tell you all about her decision!

How did you get involved with Living Waters in the first place?

Jmee was basically raised at camp, since her dad was one of the founding fathers. She went through all the stages that anyone who regularly goes to camp does. For most of her childhood, she was a camper, and then when she was old enough she volunteered as kitchen help, dishwashing for a whole summer. But she wanted to explore serving in other areas of camp to find her “niche.” The following year, she trained at Foundation Camp so that she could become a dorm-leader. Once she graduated from highschool, she took a few years away from camp to focus on school and work.

What drew you back to camp the second time?

God must have wanted Jmee back at camp, because He gave her a “thorn in her flesh” to help her start thinking about serving at camp again. She recalls, “In March of 2005, I found out that I was in need of a liver transplant to save my life, and from then on I haven't been able to have a job because of the stress it can cause on my body. And so after having two transplants I found myself with a lot of free time, one day I noticed on Facebook that they needed help at camp in the dorm leading area and I inquired about it and haven't stopped ever since.”

What prompted you to join the full-time summer staff this year?

“It was during my time dorm leading that I got to feel what it was like to lead a camper to Christ, and it was then I felt led by the Lord that this is where He wants me to serve right now. He may have other plans later on, but for now I believe he is leading me to camp.”

Would you recommend summer staff to others?

“I would highly recommend becoming Summer Staff!!! You get so many things from it!!!! You get to grow in his Word by having studies with the staff, you get to grow in your knowledge in everyday things, you get to have a bond with campers that you meet throughout the summer, and you get another family. The Summer Staff Family.”

Well folks, you’ve heard it from one of the greats! Joining the ranks of summer staff at Living Waters Bible Camp may be an experience you will never forget. My encouragement to you is (and I think Jmee would agree) to pray about it! Ask God how He would like you to serve Him this summer, and if He’s leading you to-- come be a part of our family!



Mother Daughter Thank You

During our Mother Daughter Retreat last February, Moms and Daughters worked together to make warm fleece blankets. This craft project was a warm indoor option for moms and daughters to bless someone else.

Each family brought their own material to camp where they cut and tied these special baby blankets. Together moms and daughters prayed over the blankets before they were donated to the Door of Hope a crisis pregnancy help center.  These generous ladies made almost 30 blankets!  The Door of Hope gives the blankets to new moms seeking help from their ministry.

The Door of Hope sent us a thank you note for the blankets.  The note read "We here at Door of Hope thank you so much for the beautiful fleece tie blankets.  Our clients have really enjoyed picking out a blanket from all the wonderful patterns.  These blankets have and will bless these precious babies as they grow.  Thankyou for your thoughtfulness and support."

Thank you to all the Moms and Daughters who worked so hard on the blankets. Click to find out more about the ministry of the Door of Hope



Coulee Region Creation Conference

This Spring Living Waters Bible Camp will host the Coulee Region Creation Conference.  This is an

annual event that you need to make a part of your church training program!   We recruit premier nationally known scientists to come and give expert testimony to the wonder of God's creation!  If you are a lifelong creation enthusiast or just full of questions this event will give you the training you need to understand God's Word and the world around you.

Join us as we welcome both

Eric Hovind from Creation Today and Tim Chaffey from the Ark Project at Answers In Genesis!  Eric and Tim are experts in their field and will be revealing truth about creation-based science as well as sharing first hand experience about the massive projects in which they are involved.

Eric is intimately involved with the production of the new 3D Genesis movie

This movie will be a first of it's kind biblical account of creation presented in computer generated graphics.  At Living Waters Eric will share with us some behind the scenes detail about the movie as well as three seminars on Creation Science.  Dennis Siler calls Eric one of his "favorite creation speakers of all time!"

Tim is one of the chief curators for the Ark museum.   Tim has done the research necesary for the museum's exhibits and will be sharing his insights on planning and building the only life size replica of Noah's Ark

Sessions will include both an adult and children track. Our time will include; Creation Training, Creation Museum Tours, Worship Music, Meals, Snacks, Fellowship and Nature Hikes.

Please visit the website to register today!



Mexico Update

In early March a team of 31 strangers gathered at Living Waters to embark on a life changing journey. The bonding began as the team traveled to Juarez Mexico for a week of ministry partnership with Amigos En Cristo.  Through service projects, construction and creation programs the team made a significant impact on the children of Juarez and the ministry that serves them.  Ironically, whenever a team goes to serve, they always come away more blessed by the experience.  Here are a few team member testimonials of the way God worked in thier lives. 

18 year old:

  I saw God working in so many areas this week! The people there were so accepting, kind, and hospitable, and I saw God’s love through them. When we sang together in church, we sang in Spanish and English, praising God together in a way I had never experienced before.

One night, the pastor was playing the guitar in the kitchen, and Shannon joined him with his other guitar, and I played my pennywhistle. We played and sang in harmonious praise of God, and it blessed my heart to see how formerly complete strangers could join in song to praise our Lord and Savior. We have Jesus in common, and we serve Him together. That is beautiful! It was like a small taste of heaven, where every tribe, tongue and nation will join together in praise at the throne of God. I hope that you can experience that joy in your life as you serve the Lord.

20 year old:

This mission trip has been an even larger eye opener than I expected. When preparing myself for this trip, I was ready for the worst. I was ready to live for a week in very simple conditions without WiFi or any connections with life back home. I had the expectation of, 'well if they are poor they are going to be far behind when it comes to technology and cultural advances'. One thing that the Lord has taught me on this trip is even though these people live in poverty they make the best out of what they are given. As I meet more people in different cultures I realize more that Americans are very selfish in not just material things but their attitude toward other people that are not American. Americans have a very high ego and look down at people that are not in a nice home or have the most up to date things. This week I have been humbled by the Lord showing me my American ego once again ranked people by expectations of income and happiness. Another thing, I have learned from this trip is to not to complain about anything because I can have a way worse situation. It was also amazing to see that the Lord is working everywhere in every language even though I might not understand it, but knowing that I can still honor and glorify him in my love for Him through my actions.

15 year old

Going on this mission trip has been a huge blessing for me. It has helped me grow closer to God, and it has helped me to grow in my willingness to serve others and God. It’s just so amazing to see how complete strangers and people of different cultures and languages can come together and work alongside one another, working together in unity, and not as individuals. How much we accomplished together is amazing.

This trip has also showed me how much I complain and take things for granted, while the people of Mexico don’t have as much, but are so happy. I hope that as I go home, that my attitude will change for the better, and that I will appreciate how blessed I am.

The goal of Living Waters is to create Servant Leaders who walk in humility in service to the Lord.  Once again the Mission trip proved to be a fruitful training tool!



Summer Camp

In the Midwest, winter is long and spring is short.  It is the beginning of April so weknow that Summer is just around the corner!  Here at Living Waters, we can't wait for the Summer Campers to start arriving.

This year's theme Remember Your Creator is going to be extra special.  This is a message that is vital for today's youth.  Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastics 12:1 to "Remember your creator in the days of your youth before the evil days come." Solomon's God given wisdom still rings true centuries later.

Why ‘remember'? Because we forget. Forget your car keys and you may be late to your appointment. Forget your Creator and your life will unravel before your eyes. Amazingly, even though we are surrounded by reminders of God’s creative genius and power, our days are so busy that we fail to see the obvious, and stumble blindly through life missing all the goodness that God intended for us. At Living Waters our mission is to help busy, distracted people remember their Creator as they rediscover His wisdom, marvel at His power, and bask in His love. A week at camp is filled with crazy fun and friendships that can last a lifetime. But more than this you’ll have close encounters with some of the most amazing evidences of God’s handiwork - encounters you aren’t likely to experience anywhere else.

Take a moment to watch this preview!

As we Remember Your Creator this summer we will take a close look at the major catastrophic events of the Bible including Noah's world wide flood and the extinction of dinosaurs. By looking that these scientific facts we will see the truth of God's word in the world around us.

We hope your family will join us as we focus on this critical topic.  Check out the website for the summer schedule, and mark your calendar so you don't forget to remember!



Why is Camp so Effective?

Learning is sometimes a complicated process. There are some easy lessons, like learning the alphabet set to a song or memorizing a friend's telephone number.  These seem to come easy. However, there are some difficult lessons to learn, like, never stand up under an open cabinet door. Ouch! Other lessons I tried to learn, but never mastered.  I still haven't learned where to put the punctuation on a passive noun.

If you are full of information you are called “book smart”.  If you are all experience you are called “street smart”.  

I would like to offer a new phrase to describe the learning that happens at camp as "Camp Smart.” 

The learning that takes place at camp is a whole new level of learning.  At camp, you learn information, you experience it hands on, and it all comes together in a powerful loving Christian community.  Camp is where God takes information and life experience and binds them together through the power of His Spirit working through a community of believers.  This is why learning at camp is so effective. 

Perhaps you have a story of how you experienced lifelong learning at Living Waters Bible Camp.  Do you have a story of how the combination of information and experience came together in the caring, natural environment of camp?  If so, please share that story with us. Can you tell us about that story? 

Send me an email and tell me how Living Waters Bible Camp taught you a lesson that changed your life.



Mother Daughter Retreat

Annie Sutton and Jenny Thompson worked with a team of ladies to plan the 2016 Mother Daughter Retreat.  This a note from Jenny about the planning and implementation of a Living Waters program.

Planning a weekend program for Living Waters Bible Camp can be a daunting task.  Many of you know this.  Once the theme is chosen, the brochure is mailed and the majority of the details ironed out, you’d think there would be more nerves on the part of the retreat planners, but there isn’t…there is only excitement!  From beginning to end there is such fervent prayer that a peace that passes all understanding comes over the event and for those who attend the program in God’s appointed valley.

Such was the case this year at Living Waters Bible Camp’s second annual Mother Daughter Retreat.  We were able to invite Karen Maurer to speak on “God’s Divine Design” for women and girls.  It was such a timely topic presented in a fashion that made God’s Word come alive through story, illustration, scripture and video.  Even the younger girls were engaged and interacting with Karen during the sessions.  Karen also took time during each session to share the story of a woman missionary who made an impact for the Lord and His kingdom. At the end of each speaking time, moms and girls were able to debrief with a 15 minute question and answer time.

We had just under 100 participants again this year…a packed camp. Despite warmer temperatures, we were able to cross-country ski and tube three different times over the course of the weekend.  The inside craft area was a major draw as girls and moms worked together to make mini-books and paper stars.

As part of the planning team, I was able to enjoy the weekend with my own daughter making memories and interacting with other couples.  I was especially blessed watching one activity where mother/daughter couples assemble a fleece baby blanket to donate to a local pregnancy center.  Many of the couples prayed over the blankets for the "moms-to-be" and baby .  What a treasure to see girls pray with their Mom!  Another highlight of the weekend was the “Mother Daughter Dinner Date” where girls gave their moms a letter they had written and the moms gave the girls letters they had written.  It was a powerful exchange.

The Mother Daughter Retreat is the joining of two important things: uninterrupted time together and quality teaching time in God's Word.  This rarely takes place in our daily lives so it is important to make camp a critical part of your family's spiritual development.



Big Red

It has been two years since we announced the arrival of Big Red: our new-to-us all-purpose truck. After years of struggling with a vehicle that simply was no longer up to the demands of camp, Big Red has been everything we had hoped for. Whether plowing snow, spreading sand, hauling firewood, rocks, or brush – Big Red has been a work horse.

Unfortunately, this winter we began to experience mechanical difficulties severe enough to put the truck out of service - sometimes at critical moments when snow was about to arrive. Several attempts to diagnose and repair the truck on our own resulted in only temporary success. We finally had to send the truck in for major “surgery”, which has resulted in expenditures that exceed available funds.

The good news is that Big Red is back in service, sporting a rebuilt transmission, a new radiator, and new computer module. Total cost of the repair is $5,900. We can never forget the fact that the truck is the result of gifts by generous donors. While it is disappointing that the vehicle needed such major repairs so soon after we purchased it, it is the risk that comes with selecting a used vehicle with 100K on the odometer. We did our best to evaluate the condition of the vehicle, but in the end, issues come with age.

We are confident that the Lord, who provided the truck in the first place, will continue to provide to ensure its ongoing usefulness to this ministry. We appreciate your prayerful consideration, and ongoing support of the ministry of Living Waters.


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Summer Opportunity

“For me it was the community--knowing every day I would wake up and be working with people I love working with, and that we were all working towards the same goal.”

“For me it was the community--knowing every day I would wake up and be working with people I love working with and that we were all working towards the same goal.”  Former (and now returning) summer staff member, Chad Frasier, summarizes his experience serving on summer staff at Living Waters Bible Camp.  Aubrey Hart, also a returning member, has fond memories of the group being “like a little family.”  Serving on summer staff at Living Waters Bible Camp is a wonderful opportunity to not only be a part of a close-knit community, but also to be trained in leadership skills and grow closer to the Lord.  

What is the greatest blessing of serving on summer staff?

Besides the staff camaraderie, returning member Jacob Eisermann said his favorite part was seeing first-hand how God uses camp to influence kid’s lives to learn about or refocus on God; whether through being out in nature, from the teaching time, or through the relational impact of one of the staff.

What are some of the challenges?

You are living with the same people for eight weeks (which is also the best part!).  And you are kept very busy.  Being pushed to your limits, there is opportunity for growth.  

How has being on summer staff made you better equipped for life and ministry?

“I feel better trained to lead and coach individuals that I'm working with, and that I am responsible for, but also how to better submit to my supervisors and to understand what goes on behind the scenes in a ministry. Seeing why certain decisions or rules are made,” Chad commented.  

Aubrey mentioned that summer staff helped her in the growth area of leadership and responsibility.  It also forced her to have a dedicated time in the day to focus on her relationship with God which carried over when she went back home.

Jacob shared that he learned miracles still happen.  What do these miracles look like? “Coming into the family of God is a miracle.”

How can I get involved?

“There are tons of ways you can serve at Living Waters Bible Camp, anywhere from photography/videography, office, teaching nature programs, helping keep camp as good looking as ever in maintenance, and helping kids encounter Christ through leading them as a dorm leader. There are also so many more weekly opportunities that are just as awesome.” (Chad)

Where do I sign up?

You can start by filling out an application on the Living Waters' website at:

What are the dates? Training starts June 8th and the last camp ends on August 10th.

Applications are due no later than April 1st. Hurry, because positions are filling fast!

Please consider and pray about this opportunity to serve the Lord on summer staff at Living Waters this year and be a part of a growing community.

“Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.”

1 Peter 4:19

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New Website

Yes, you read that right!  Living Waters will be releasing a new website soon!

We frequently get compliments about the look of our website but we don't plan to rest on our laurels.  The website needs to change to stay current.  The last time we upgraded our website, smart phones were a wish list item for most people.  Today, more and more people are accessing the internet from phones and tablet devices. We desire to make the Living Waters website a positive experience for you and your friends, so, in the next few weeks we will release the new website with a whole new look.

We hope you like it!