Creation based outdoor education for your school aged children. 

Join us for these recurring creation based nature programs in the beautiful camp setting.  Your child will learn hands-on about God's creation and His design.   Each day will consist of two of our "programs with a purpose" nature programs and a large group adventure activity.


10:00am Registration

10:30 Program #1

12:00pm Bring your own sack lunch

12:45-2:30 Program #2

2:30-4:00 Recreation Activity Options


K-4th Grade

Rest Center: Come experience the days of creation as you walk through the Creation Museum, and consider the purpose of the seventh day when God rested.

Weather Station: Investigate weather, plan and film a daily weather forecast, and be challenged to have a Biblical perspective on climate questions.

5-12th Grade

Puzzling Primates: Discover answers to puzzling questions of origin and purpose for primates and people by interacting with a live monkey and investigating fossil replicas.

Wilderness First Aid: Are you ready for an emergency?  Get some training on basic first aid skills for the physical body and the spiritual life.


Cost is $10 per student if registered in advance.

Registration the day of the event is $16 (please register early!)

Any adults or non-school aged children should also register, but will not be charged.  There is no program for adults, however parents need to chaperone students. 

Please bring your own sack lunch.  Space in the lodge will be available for families to eat.