Christian Worldview Training

Join us in this real world adventure.  Together with a group of your peers, we will head out from the valley and to a campground and enjoy outdoor adventures.  The schedule each day will begin with group Bible study and research, afternoon activity and evening presentation of your study. 

This camp will work on a three rotation including World Religions in America in the Chicago Metropolitan area, Apologetics Camp in Northern Wisconsin at Clear Lake and Creation Training at Lake Wazee.

Our goal is for you to develop a better understanding your faith for the purpose of communicating the Gospel more effectively. 

This Year's Rotation

World Religions In America  |  You don't have to travel the world to learn how to reach your Hindu neighbor. You don't need a degree in theology to share your faith with a Jewish classmate. Our increasingly shrinking world has brought people of every ethnicity and religious background to our front door. Do you understand them and know what their faith teaches them? As Christians we want to reach out to everyone with the Gospel and be able to answers the big questions!  We will dig into tough questions to prepare you to be ready to “give an answer for the faith within you." 

Join other young adults for an inner city Chicago trip filled with daily tour and adventures.  Each morning will include a tour of a worship site of a major religion. (Islam, Jewish, Hindu...) In the afternoon we will tour their neighborhood shopping in their shops, trying different foods and "rubbing elbows" with the local people.

This an essential trip for shaping your biblical worldview.


$300 (per person)

Camper Cost includes transportation, lodging, and meals for the camp.


Living Waters Staff


Wednesday 12:00pm


Saturday 8:00pm