Our theme this year is TBD....

Your daughter needs you in your role as a Mom!  She might not say it or always act like it, but you are a critical part of her life.  As Moms, we need to continually be on our knees praying for ourselves and our daughters!  

Join us this weekend to spend purposeful, quality time with your daughter!  We will take care of everything.  We will have quality meals, meaningful activities and inspirational speakers to help you and your daughter grow closer together.





When you run a race, there are flags along the way to guide your path. When you climb a mountain, you plant a flag at the top to mark your accomplishment. When soldiers go into war, they carry a flag to declare their allegiance.  As Christian Mothers and Daughters, we plant our flags of faith in our prayers and allow the Lord to redeem the results.

Take this weekend away with your daughter(s) to plant some flags in your lives. This weekend will remind us of our desperate need for prayer, rejoicing and thanksgiving, as we lead our daughters down an often perilous path.
Take time to remember whose side we are on.  God is the victor in this battle. We all need to seek His wisdom and allow Him to win the battle for us.

You can expect, as with any Living Waters program, quality training and creative programming while having a great time in God's creation. 

If you want to deepen your relationship with your mom or daughter (ages 6 and up) this retreat is for you!


Friday 6:00pm Check In

Sunday 12:00pm Departure

Two nights and five meals plus snacks


Teens, Moms, and Grandmothers: $TBD

Children ages 6-12: $TBD

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