The mission of Living Water Bible Camp is to Reach, Train and Equip individuals to become Servant Leaders through the Truth of God's Word and Adventures in His Creation.

We desire to Build Servant Leaders.  Ultimately, our example of true Servant Leadership is the life and death of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Leading is influence.  Servant Leadership is Leading with Character.  Persuading others to follow our example through servant leadership is influencing others by way of a Christ-like character and humble spirit. 

Living Waters' training is not limited to camp.  We offer programs and training sessions at a location that works best for you.  Here is a look at what we have to offer:


Dave Hart

Dave serves as Ministry Director at Living Waters Bible Camp. His calling in ministry has been to “present everyone perfect in Christ" equipping believers to live lives that showcase the transforming power of the gospel.

His great passion is to help believers understand the process by which God conforms them to the image of Christ. He also conducts workshops that enable pastors, elders, ministry leaders, leaders of gospel-based organizations and kingdom-minded businesses to ensure that the organizations they lead are compatible with the transformation process God uses.

Dave has a Master of Theology Degree in New Testament from Dallas Seminary, and has served the Lord for 38 years in youth ministry, camping ministry, serving in local churches as elder and pastor, and on the boards of para-church ministries. He and his wife, Sandy, have three children.

Dave’s Topics
How God Changes People - Basic
Minimum time:  Four hours, includes four, 45-minute sessions plus breaks

How God Changes People - Advanced
Minimum time:  Five hours

How God Changes People - Ministry Leaders Edition
Minimum time:  Two days (8am-4pm, including breaks and lunch)

Great Questions God Asks
Minimum time:  Each question requires 45 minutes.  Can be presented individually, or as a series.

Stuck? Finding Freedom in Christ
Minimum time:  Four, 45-minute sessions.

Big God - Little Me
Minimum time:  45 minutes. Can be expanded into a two-part series.



Dennis Siler

Dennis committed his life to Christ in 1984 and has a burden for sharing a message of hope since - evangelism and discipleship are heavy on his heart.  Dennis and his family moved to Westby, WI in 1989 to serve as the Director at Living Waters Bible Camp that opened new doors to explore God thorough His word, His Creation and building relationships with people.

Dennis and his wife, Mary Ann, have been foster parents for the past eight years and have worked with the state of Wisconsin training foster parents.  Several of the programs, even though secular in approach, have many working principals that are full of scriptural principles.  Dennis and Mary Ann speak -- not as professionals -- but as ordinary people who have had to learn hard lessons about how to depend on God and His World to care for traumatized youth and their families. 

Worship: Responding to an Awesome God
Minimum time:  45 minutes

Parenting: Cultivating Humble Heart
Minimum time:  Requires 7 hours for instruction and discussion

Creation: Why It Matters
Minimum time:  45 minutes

Trauma and Today's Youth
Minimum time:  Requires 5 hours for instruction and discussion.

Request a Speaker for your Church or Event

Dave and Dennis are available to speak at your retreat or at your church!  They have experience in everything from pulpit supply to VBS.  They often speak for guest groups here at camp or travel to churches for Sunday worship or for weekend conferences.