Renew Your Strength

Isaiah 40:31 "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on sings like eagles."

Flight, design, singing, beauty! These are just a few of the amazing things we will explore as we investigate the creatures God made on day five of creation week.  The strength and power displayed in soaring birds will remind us to put our hope in the Lord as our source of power and renewed strength.    

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Beautiful Birds   

Be amazed and amused as you interact with live birds and experience an up close view of God’s creativity and care.

Ask the Birds   

Join us in the Ask the Birds program which spotlights the incredible design seen in the marvelous bird kinds, which God created on the fifth day of creation.

Bird Surveillance Hike   

While exploring the fields and forests, you will catch sight of our remarkable native birds, and discover how to find truth for your life.

Flying Mammals

Explore the world of bats and the night life of these amazing creatures, and along the way you will discover how to overcome fears.

Messenger Pilots  

Come soar in the aviation program examining the incredible principles of flight, taxi in camp’s bi-plane and be inspired by stories of missionary pilots.

Themed Events

Raptors of the Night  

God’s mysterious creatures of the night are intriguing and you will get a chance to explore how these wonderful owls are made to thrive at night.    

Renew Your Strength Race

Test your strength as you help your cabin team in Living Waters’ unique obstacle race event.  Plan to be challenged, get dirty and build memories with your team.  

Lake Day

Enjoy an afternoon as you swim, play games, and build friendships while have fun in God’s creation at Jersey Valley Lake. 

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