2017 Summer Theme:  Built On The Rock


2 Samuel 22:2 says "The Lord is my ROCK, my fortress, and my deliverer;"

Any builder will tell you that a good foundation is the key for a sound structure.  A skyscraper cannot go up unless its footings are firmly set in bedrock, even if that means drilling down hundreds of feet!  Scripture reveals to us that the world around is like shifting sand, here today and gone tomorrow.  In the book of Second Samuel, God tells us that He alone is our rock and fortress.  In Matthew, Jesus refers to Himself as the cornerstone.

God’s word routinely warns us to build a foundation on the rock, our Lord Jesus Christ.  When the wind blows and the rain falls only a life built on a strong foundation will stand strong. 

What is your spiritual life built on?  Join us at Living Waters Bible Camp this year to help make sure your life is “Built On The Rock”! 

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Nature Programs

As we dig into Day 3 of Creation, we will discover some of the amazing properties of rocks and land.  Take a closer look and wonder at the beauty and power contained in these precious stones.  Examining God’s creation will help us to better understand how Jesus is our Rock, and how He alone is the firm foundation on which to build our lives.  Join us for an exciting year of exploration!

Geodes and Polished Rocks

Crack open a geode to reveal its inner beauty!  Transform a dull rock into a polished stone.  In this program we will discover how God has made each of us unique.

Gold Panning

Pick up a pan and search for REAL gold!  But all that glitters is not gold, don’t be deceived by fool’s gold.  Discover how to determine true value and learn about the real treasure, Jesus Christ.

Mount St. Helens Adventure

The explosive power of geology is on display when volcanoes erupt!  Experience camp’s own Mount St. Helens, and see what it reveals about geology and the Bible.

Rock Hounds

Take a closer look at rocks and discover that they are full of appealing beauty and practical usefulness.  Become a Rock Hound as we investigate and identify rocks and learn how to build our lives on God.    

Soils of Time

Erosion is a powerful force that shapes the land around us.  Encounter this real-life scenario and help solve the puzzle!  Learn how we also need to fight erosion in our personal walk with Jesus.