Reflections from the Director

"It was another great Boy's Camp. Something we were encouraging our boys to do this week was to pray in public (in our group). One by one they all did it...

In cabin devotions on Thursday morning and Thursday night we ended with prayer requests and a nice prayer meeting.
After class on Friday they all prayed around the table and lifted each other up in prayer.

I was very encouraged to see these young men learning one of the most important tools for any Christian group's survival - prayer!!"

-Mike L.

Camper Quotes

"The staff and the cooks were amazing."

-James Y.

"I appreciated that [the counselors] were nice, patient, kind and encouraging."
-David H.

"One thing I learned from the Nature Programs is that the world needs more missionary pilots."
-Joe D.


Here are a few photos from the week:

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