Reflections from the Director

Once again, excitement ran high as campers filled the cabins for another week at LWBC. As the week began it was evident that God had placed in our care campers that needed Christ along with Christian love and friendship. Watching God work in these campers' lives was a sight to behold. As counselors gained the campers' respect and trust, we saw relationships build to the point that they were waking up their counselors to ask questions concerning their lives.

As the week continued with awesome nature programs, interesting class and chapel times, and special events, God worked in an incredible way by convicting 8 campers to accept Jesus Christ as Savior on Thursday night. The week culminated as campers stood up at the campfire to proclaim to the entire camp that they "GOT SAVED" this week. May God receive all the praise!!

-Tim and Deb G.

Camper Quotes

"I liked the counselors. They were like my nice older sisters."
-Bethany G.

"This camp really opened my eyes about God."
-Phillip B.

"I didn't know that an owl's head can almost turn all the way around!"
-Lydia D.


Here are a few photos from the week:
Girl Campers and Staff in Tie-Dye OutfitsGirls Dorm in Camp Craft RoomCamp FreindsFor a complete set of this week's photos, click here.