Our trip down was good except for the 40 mile detour we took when I took a wrong turn. When we got to the place we are staying in Mexico a leak in the transmission in of my big blue van started pouring out, not sure if it was just overheated or if we need to make other repairs. We thank the Lord it didn't happen on the trip down - God is good!

It is hot and dirty down here and our hearts are already being plowed. Matt spoke to our group and just about tore us up in committing our hearts more completely to the Lord. Pray our hearts will be ready to receive all the Lord wants to teach us.

We saw Bill Polasak and Parker Gamwell in church this morning. It was encouraging to hear that Bill (7 months after his stroke) is still printing tracts at the rate of over 2 million per year; and Parker just had one of his books on the Basics of Christian living printed again for India (now totaling over 650,000 copies for that region alone). It is incredible to see how God is using both of them in spite of their feeble bodies.

As far as safety goes it appears no different than past years except there are more searches and more police and military around.

There is so much work needed down here! It would take all night to convey just what we have seen so far. We went by one area today and saw over 10 new houses being built near the place Matthew is staying, all of them being built with pallets and cardboard. One looked nicer than the rest as the pallets looked all the same color. It brings a smile but also a sad heart as this is what some of the local people are looking forward and excited about, and reminds us again that we truly have so much.

Our materials are not delivered to the site yet for the bunk beds, so we will start a little later in the morning.

Thanks again - I appreciate your prayers!