Top 10 signs that you are on the entrance road to Living Waters Bible Camp:
10.    The cares of the world begin to slowly fade away.
9.   You feel the urge to burst out signing “Hail to the bus driver!”
8.  Tim Siler just attached a video camera to your car.
7.  You feel like a kid again.
6. You see a right turn sign but if you were to follow it you would end up in the woods.
5.  You just stopped for a dip in the Siler’s pool
4. You see a random ladder in the woods and wonder “where does that ladder go?”
3.  You wonder, “How do people get up this hill in the winter?”
2. Your cell phone is useless.
1.  You’ve been driving for hours and suddenly empty pop cans and garbage rolls to the front seat of your car.