2014 Winter Camp

December 27-29th was Winterama and Winter Recharge at camp.  In spite of the lack of measurable snow the campers were able to enjoy the outdoors with Ice Skating, Broomball and Downhill Skiing.  Our teaching topic, Forgiveness, touched the hearts of many campers.
Here is what the campers had to say about their experience at camp.
How was your overall experience?
  • Great time, Great environment.
  • I like how it's not just all fun and games there is teaching involved.
  • Singing and devotions were great.
  • I really love camp.  It lets me have fun and learn about Christ.
  • Fellowship, growing closer, learning more.
  • I love camp & I have grown in my walk with Christ in just this weekend
Where did you see Christ working in your Iife?
  • When I was having problems with friends He really helped direct people to me.
  • God touched me in all the sermons in my opinion.
  • I have learned that I need to help a struggling friend.
  • I am working on forgiving someone and the lessons really helped me and gave me strength.
  • I can see my relationship with God improving.
  • Showing me how I need to act towards non-believers in showing them Christ's love.
Thank you to all of the supporters and volunteer who made Winter Camp possible!