In June of 1970, 45 years ago this month, Living Waters Bible Camp first opened the doors to campers.  Since then, God has blessed this ministry year after year.  This year, we look back in thankfulness at:
45 years of campers hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ,
45 years of volunteers serving the Lord in ministry,
45 years of Summer Staff being transformed through service,
45 years of the truth of God's Word,
45 years of adventure in His Creation,
45 years of fun and lifelong memories.

"A Brief History" by Theo Habel

It began with an animated discussion around a large dinner table at a Bible conference in Chicago on Labor Day 1969 . Most of us had been blessed attending Riverside Bible Camp and thought it was time to establish a camp that would be available at all times. The Lotz family farm in Westby was suggested as a possible building site and a few weeks later 35 of us met there for prayer and serious planning.

Meetings were held, we incorporated and a Board of Directors was chosen. Building began in the spring of 1970 and has never really stopped. We had no idea of how much work and cost would be involved or how large this project would become. We did have faith in our wonderful God and a vision of children and adults playing and enjoying this beautiful valley while exposed to the Gospel and the Word of God.

Our enthusiasm was contagious, the atmosphere was welcoming and inclusive, and our God was faithful in every way. He provided many volunteers who sacrificially contributed to the material needs and helped with the physical labor.

Teachers, accountants, merchants, homemakers, doctors, secretaries, engineers, craftsmen and builders of all kinds, grandparents, parents and children, missionaries and farmers, both skilled and unskilled, worked happily side by side to make Living Waters Bible Camp happen. With hard work and good humor many friendships and good memories were made and lessons of eternal value were learned.

During the first camps in 1971, oh no! The rain came... the winds blew... and most of the temporary facility was destroyed. God protected us and instead of discouragement this resulted in praise to God and a surge of interest and involvement to move energetically forward. We prayed hard and several times when there were big needs, very large gifts were received from unknown donors and often small gifts came in just in time to pay the necessary bills.

God blessed the camp. Many children came to know the Savior, while young and old enjoyed good Bible lessons and activities. But not all went well, some of us were pleased with what had been accomplished and took pride in it. Friction and dissension resulted and we had to humble ourselves before our God. God forgave and the camp prospered and became a good year round facility.

Full time staff were added, sport areas, climbing tower, paint ball range, toboggan slides, skating and skiing equipment etc. were added so that large groups could be accommodated any season of the year.

Then it happened, in March of 1997 the large kitchen and dinning facility was destroyed by fire. But again our heavenly Father used this to provide a larger and a much better building for the groups we now serve - and for this we are very thankful.

By the grace of God the camp has continued to grow and to be a blessing for very many people. With 8 full time staff, many volunteers and a good facility in a beautiful 130 acre valley of forests and meadows, Living Waters is a wonderful place for enjoying outdoor activities and Christian fellowship in a peaceful and idyllic part of God’s creation.

With thankfulness for past blessing and reliance on God, we look forward to many more years of great camping at Living Waters Bible Camp.