Living Waters Summer Staff are an extraordinary breed of workers! They come in early June and serve 6 days a week, 15+ hours a day for 10 weeks straight!  They are exhausted when they return home, yet, many of them are willing to come back to camp in August to help with guest groups needs and camp projects.

Aubrey, Lydia, Jacob, Steven, Chad, Tim and Rae have all been at camp, going the extra mile!

This Summer, Chad Frasier served on Summer staff as video production staff.  Chad supervised 1 to 3 staff each week to plan, shoot, edit and produce a highlight video for each week of camp.  Although Chad went home at the end of the summer, he returned last week to start another big video project.  Chad is working on a professional quality, promotional video for other Christian Ministries to learn more about Living Waters.  The video is key to reaching out to ministries looking for premier creation and leadership training in a camp setting.

We are so thankful for all the selfless volunteers that serve this ministry so faithfully!