In October, Chris Sutton, Dan Melcher Sr. and Tim Dehnart began moving mountains. Mountains of

sheetrock and lumber, that is. One of the oldest dorm buildings at camp, Menomonee/Oneida, is finally getting a well-deserved remodel. It all started with a complete gutting; even a small divider wall got removed from both dorm rooms. The old wall paneling, trim, tiles, windows and lighting are all history. The 70’s décor is gone! And good thing too. The building’s old windows were poorly insulated, wasting costly propane and electricity. The old fluorescent light fixtures have also been replaced with a more energy efficient option. The floor will be re-tiled, making it easier to clean than the old one, which was badly cracked and chipped. 

In place of the old paneling, beautiful new boards have been put up on the walls in a wainscoting-type fashion, giving the dorm a nice rustic, yet modern feel. The top portion of the walls has been painted a calm, peaceful green color that fits perfectly with the rest of the remodeling theme. It’s been said that the new look gives the dorm a “nice, warm, cabin-ey feeling.” And it really does. The room looks so much more inviting already, and it’s not even finished yet. The dorms are expected to be finished completely by Christmas; just in time for Winter Recharge!

The Chippewa/Kickapoo dorm building is also scheduled for remodeling, although it may not get its
facelift until the fall or winter of 2016, since it will be in-use quite frequently throughout next year.
Caring for our facilities and keeping them up-to-date with energy-saving features is part of our core values of care for equipment. Looks aren’t everything, but it is important to take care of the things God’s provided; to be responsible with the resources and money He gives us to keep His ministry going. “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19