Welcome to 2016!

At Living Waters we are very excited about what 2016 holds for the lives of the campers who will attend camp this year.  We believe that God has big plans for His ministry at camp and we want you to be a part of what God is doing.  There are a few projects underway that can't get done without your partnership.  Would you consider participating in any of these projects?

Bathhouse Upgrade: Warm showers will lead to clean campers!  And who doesn't want good smelling campers?  A gift of $20 ($2,000 total needed) will provide 1,000 HOT showers through new on-demand water heaters in the bathhouse. 

Silverware: With more campers coming to camp we need more silverware to feed them!  A gift of $50 ($1,500 total needed) will supply the need forks, spoons and knives for ten campers.

Dorm Improvements: A new tiled floor is being installed in the Menomonie and Oneida (and eventually Chippewa and Kickapoo).  A gift of $100 ($5,500 total needed) will afford the installation of tiles to make the floors look better, easier to clean and safer for slippery feet.  This project also includes new windows, doors, lighting and remodeling the walls and ceiling

Send A Child To Camp:  Each year we sponsor dozens of campers who otherwise could not afford to come to camp.  We need about $10,000 a year for our Scholarship program. With a gift of just $175 ($10,000 total needed) you can help send a child or family to camp.  The Scholarship fund supplies critically needed funds to help underprivileged children and families to enjoy the benefits of camp.

Highway Directional Sign:  Dozens of new guests drive right by camp because they can't find Reo Avenue.  After years of applications the state of Wisconsin has given approval for a new lighted sign on highway 27!  We already have one donor who has pledged a matching gift of $1,000 towards the new sign.  With a gift of just $250 ($7,000 needed), we hope to build a new lighted road sign to ensure our guest do not miss the road to camp!

We are so appreciative to all our donors and volunteer which make this ministry possible.  Thank you so much for all you do! We at Living Waters are honored to serve with you!