Living Waters Bible Camp's vision is to be a premier Christian resource for leadership development

and creation experience in the Midwest.  We use God's creation to train people for service.  Perhaps you've been to camp for one of our Creation Conferences or you've experienced one of the many summer nature programs.  If you have, you know how we love to point out the awe and wonder behind God's creation.  Jesus used creation to explain the Kingdom of heaven and God uses His creation to draw us nearer to Him. 

Two creation resources that Living Waters often draws from are Answer In Genesis (AIG) and Creation Today.  We have partnered with their team members once again for our upcoming Coulee Region Creation Conference.  This event is in coordination with multiple churches and ministries for the purpose of providing top notch creation training.

Join us as we welcome Eric Hovind from Creation Today and Tim Chaffey from AIG.  They will be sharing insights on Creation Science as well as first hand experiences with two major creation events on the horizon.  Eric Hovind is working on the Genesis 3D movie, a first class visual depiction of the Genesis account.  The movie is scheduled to be released later this year!  Tim Chaffey will be telling us about the new Ark Encounter being built by AIG.  This is a life size model of the Ark and Tim is the head curator for the museum project!

If you or your church are interested in finding out more, please visit the website.

We hope to see you at this unique collaboration between creation ministries, to provide learning, worship and resources.