Annie Sutton and Jenny Thompson worked with a team of ladies to plan the 2016 Mother Daughter Retreat.  This a note from Jenny about the planning and implementation of a Living Waters program.

Planning a weekend program for Living Waters Bible Camp can be a daunting task.  Many of you know this.  Once the theme is chosen, the brochure is mailed and the majority of the details ironed out, you’d think there would be more nerves on the part of the retreat planners, but there isn’t…there is only excitement!  From beginning to end there is such fervent prayer that a peace that passes all understanding comes over the event and for those who attend the program in God’s appointed valley.

Such was the case this year at Living Waters Bible Camp’s second annual Mother Daughter Retreat.  We were able to invite Karen Maurer to speak on “God’s Divine Design” for women and girls.  It was such a timely topic presented in a fashion that made God’s Word come alive through story, illustration, scripture and video.  Even the younger girls were engaged and interacting with Karen during the sessions.  Karen also took time during each session to share the story of a woman missionary who made an impact for the Lord and His kingdom. At the end of each speaking time, moms and girls were able to debrief with a 15 minute question and answer time.

We had just under 100 participants again this year…a packed camp. Despite warmer temperatures, we were able to cross-country ski and tube three different times over the course of the weekend.  The inside craft area was a major draw as girls and moms worked together to make mini-books and paper stars.

As part of the planning team, I was able to enjoy the weekend with my own daughter making memories and interacting with other couples.  I was especially blessed watching one activity where mother/daughter couples assemble a fleece baby blanket to donate to a local pregnancy center.  Many of the couples prayed over the blankets for the "moms-to-be" and baby .  What a treasure to see girls pray with their Mom!  Another highlight of the weekend was the “Mother Daughter Dinner Date” where girls gave their moms a letter they had written and the moms gave the girls letters they had written.  It was a powerful exchange.

The Mother Daughter Retreat is the joining of two important things: uninterrupted time together and quality teaching time in God's Word.  This rarely takes place in our daily lives so it is important to make camp a critical part of your family's spiritual development.