From the mountains of Wyoming to the valley of Living Waters.

Hailing from the mountainous, largely desert state of Wyoming comes two of our young, intrepid Summer Staff. Meet Jediah and Adelle Partenheimer! (affectionally known to the camp staff as “Jedelle”)! You may recognize them, as they’ve both worked at camp individually, before they got married in August of 2015. But this summer, they are serving together at camp for the entire summer, as Summer Staff. Why? Well there is quite the story as to how God directed them to camp this year, and you would have to ask them in order to get all the details, but it involves moving half of their belongings to Oregon, and then re-routing to Wisconsin!

Jediah is a hard working, gentle spirited guy who loves a good joke. Other than his muscles, you’d never guess that he has won Wyoming State Championships in Tae Kwon Do. He takes the memorization of scripture very seriously and can do more than just hold his own in a spiritual conversation. He has already contributed so much to the Living Waters facilities and environment, and the summer is only just beginning.

Adelle is our resident artist! (a very talented one, at that!) She has put her fingerprints and brushstrokes all over our dinosaur-themed carnival games we have planned for the summer. She loves to work alongside her husband (and vise versa) and you’d be hard pressed to find them separated at any time of day.

And Camp is just one in a series of adventures this couple’s had in the last nine months. Two of their favorite pastimes are elk hunting in Wyoming, and street witnessing in Oregon. They are both excited to see what God has in store for this summer, and so are we!

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