You know about the Ark at Answers In Genesis.  A full size replica of the biblical Noah's Ark.  Do you know about "The Ark Experience" we have right here at camp?

If you were in the valley this summer perhaps you did notice it.  Two long white ropes, hanging from a guide wire, stretched across the valley.  Uninformed guests asked if they were some kind of huge football goal posts.  We would respond, "Well not exactly."  These two ropes served as an outline of the Ark for campers to see its immense size during the Waters of the World nature program.  The ropes display the height and the width of the actual size of the Ark.  Look closely at the photo and you can see them for yourself.

Waters of the World was one of the campers favorite programs this summer.  They learned about the power of water during an earthquake and resulting title-wave.  They discovered the potential energy of super heated water.  They even got to interact with a 8 foot long model of the Ark.  After reading the biblical account of the flood, they wondered about the catastrophic impact of a global flood!

One of the goals of the program was to help campers connect the flood account from the Bible to what they see in the world around them today.  Making campers see that God's word is true yesterday, today and tomorrow is important to the ministry at Living Waters.  If you participated in the program we trust it was an eye opening adventure in God's creation that lead you to worship Him in a deep more faithful way.  If you missed it you have a second chance to see it during our Creation Adventure Retreat on September 30 - October 1st.

Please pray for us as we share this nature program and many others with school and retreat guests who visit camp this fall.