“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Proverbs 3:5 was a common theme throughout this year’s Senior High Camp.  If a lighthouse is built on the rock, it does not have to rely on its own structure or height when the storms come--the foundation is what holds it secure.  In the same way, those who have put their trust in the Lord do not need to worry about their own destiny, because God has aligned theirs with His.

Along with having time to connect with God, the campers also connected with each other in the quiet moments like dorm time and during activities such as the climbing tower.

Caving was a new experience this year for many of the campers, even those who have grown up going to camp every year.

"I have been coming to camp ever since 5th grade and out of all my summers spent, I have never once (gone) caving... until this summer of 2017 at Senior Camp. It was something completely new for me and so incredible.” (Julia Difino)

“It was a breathtaking experience.” (Derek Wang)

Something that draws many people back to camp is relationships--relationships with people who come with a heart for service and for the Lord. Camp creates an atmosphere where people are drawn closer to each other through shared experiences.

"The night we did the tower, I talked with some of my friends at the campfire and got into a really deep conversation about the message we had the day before. It was amazing!" (Emma Everhart)

"I tried to talk to a new group of people at every activity. It was awesome because I got to meet so many new people and build awesome relationships." (Elizabeth Youman)

Activities like the climbing tower are an opportunity for campers to bond through fun and challenging circumstances.  Throughout many of the activities, the campers are encouraged to draw spiritual applications to learn from their experiences.  

“You not only get to experience the coolest things ever like caving, the giant swing, the tower, and more, but you get to apply each and every single thing you do to God and that's what makes the experiences you have amazing.” (Emma Everhart)

new group photo-199.jpg

High School is a critical time in a person’s life when life-changing decisions need to be made.  Spending a week at camp away from normal distractions provides that quiet space to hear God, whether at chapel, during dorm devotions, or in the moments in between.

"Every summer Living Waters Bible Camp never fails to take me another step further in my relationship with Christ. This year, Dave Hart spoke at chapel for 3 evenings in a row. He mentioned one night how in life we choose our goals, but our destiny chooses us. And when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, his destiny becomes our destiny. I found it so humbling that a God, so indescribable and merciful could possibly have the same destiny as me." (Julia Difino)

"One thing that I think God was trying to show me was that He has a perfect plan, and that I need to trust in Him completely. He chose me before creation, to have an amazing destiny with Him forever." (Emma Everhart)

“One thing that stuck out to me during our personal devotions was the idea of maintaining my faith, especially as I head off to college in the fall. I was able to have many of (my) questions answered on how to grow, defend, and share my faith.” (Derek Wang)

“I figured out that the littlest things in your foundation can affect your relationship with Christ...I need to find other people/friends that can help me keep my faith “built on the rock.” (Bobby Niemeyer)

"If you want to be challenged and inspired, this is the place." (Elizabeth Youman)

A special thanks to all the volunteers and staff who made a difference in lives at camp this year. 

Please keep the students in your prayers as they continue to build their foundation on the Lord.