Many people who visit camp for the first time ask, "What do you do after the summer is over?" With a smile and a wink of the eye I usually respond with "we find ways to keep busy." As stakeholders in Living Waters, you know that the summer is just a portion of what goes on in this ministry year round. 

Each year Living Waters plans, coordinates, and facilitates approximately 17 programmed events.  These events range from creation training events, to parent-child weekends, and even community outreach fun days. 

Each event is strategically planned to fulfill a different portion of our mission statement.  Our mission is to reach the lost.  Snow Days, Sugar Bush, and Animal Kingdom Days are all events intended to REACH the people in our community and introduce them to Living Waters and Lord willing, Christ. 

Our Creation events, such as the Creation Conference, Creation Education Day, and Creation Adventure Retreat are all intended to TRAIN people to be able to give an answer for the faith which is within them.

Our Teleios Program and Mexico Missions trip are purposed to EQUIP individuals to be ready to serve the Lord wherever He might call them.

Please, don't think of Living Waters as "just a summer camp."  Although the summer ministry is my favorite time of the year we do so much more throughout the year.  If you haven't seen what goes on here, please make every effort to join us for an event this year.