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Reflections: 11th and 12th Grade Camp 2009

From the Director of 11th and 12th Grade Camp:

11th and 12th Grade Camp was a great week spent reviewing the foundation of Christianity. John Lyman was the guest speaker for the entire week and he carried the campers through 5 major topics including who God is, why we should believe the Bible, our human state, sin and salvation, and future events. Many of the campers and staff began asking great questions by mid-week.

Rain changed our plans multiple times, including our overnight camping trip. We drove two hours to hike in the rain and then drove home again. I like when God changes our plans because it means He is in charge – not me. We were also able to do the tree climb for the first time. The view from 75 ft. in the air is amazing!

The highlight of the week was the influence of one of our campers named Jacob. Jacob lost his father and sister a couple of years ago in an auto accident and he also suffered traumatic head injuries. His comments tell it all: “I lost my father, my sister, and half of me, but I love God.” Jacob challenged all of us to live each day as if it were our last.




Reflections: 11th - 12th Grade Camp

Reflections from the Director

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Camper Quotes

"Camp really really opened my eyes this year. I'm happy that I know how to serve our Lord better and just how big He is."
-Jon L.

"I loved that my counselors were energetic and tons of fun to be around. They were also easy to talk to about life and spirituality."
-Matt B.

"Since this was my last official year being a camper, I tried to challenge myself a lot and I am praying about summer staff next year!"
-Megan L.


Here are a few photos from the week:
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