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Reflections: 3rd - 6th Grade Camp #2 2009

From the Directors of 3rd - 6th Grade Camp #2:

Although it has been a whole month since 3-6th Grade Camp #2, memories and blessings experienced during camp that week are still fresh in our minds. We had a great group of children who were - for the most part - cooperative, obedient, and eager to learn. We were blessed to have an awesome group of servant-minded volunteers working to serve the campers and each other. It was such a blessing to see the unity in the staff and the care and concern they displayed towards each other and the campers.

The central theme and message of the Bible was clearly taught during the evening chapel services, and staff and campers alike were challenged to be “firmly planted” in the Word of God. Morning classes, taught by husband/wife teams, focused on aspects of the life of a tree and how it applied to the lives of the camper. After breakfast each morning, campers were encouraged to participate in a time of personal devotions with their counselor and a few of their cabin buddies. During this time, campers were taught what a quiet time could look like, so they could take this skill home with them and practice it daily.

The highlight of the week for us was the salvation of two of the campers; both children willingly and boldly shared their testimonies with others (one shared it in front of the whole group on Friday evening). We praise God for these two decisions and for any other decisions that were made that we may not be aware of (and may never know of). Another highlight of the week happened at the registration table the first day of camp when one of the campers who had attended camp last year and had accepted Christ as his Savior let us know that he had been reading the Bible we had given him last year. Pointing to the Bible, which he carried under his arm, he informed us that he had started reading in Genesis and was up to the book of Numbers. What a blessing!

We feel privileged to have been a part of this memorable week and look forward to serving God at LWBC!

-Tim and Mindy S.



Reflections: 3rd - 6th Grade Camp 2009

From the Directors of 3rd - 6th Grade Camp:

Deb and I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve along with our staff and the LWBC staff last week at 3rd-6th grade camp. Even after many years of coming to Living Waters the excitement of watching the valley fill with campers never dwindles. 65 campers made their way to camp to take part in as many activities as possible along with learning more from God's Word. Lumberjack Day, a visit to the Felten farm, water day, campfires, scavenger hunt, and a 50's ice cream social night were just a few of the things enjoyed by all.

We had the privilege of seeing 4 campers profess salvation, and a couple of others be built up in their faith. What tops it off is reading through evaluations and seeing comments like, "I wish camp was longer" or "I loved my counselor/teacher" or best of all, "I will see you in Heaven, Mr. Felten". May God receive all the glory and His Kingdom multiplied.

-Tim & Deb



3rd - 6th Grade Camp

Reflections from the Director

As we sit back and reflect on what has happened over the last several months with the preparation and ultimately the implementation of the 3rd-6th Grade Camp program, we can't help but see the workings of our great, sovereign God! We saw God's blessings, His guidance and direction, and His careful leading. As requested, He renewed our strength daily. Three young people accepted Christ, and a few children made assurances of salvation. We had an awesome staff that worked well together and evidenced a desire to serve God by serving the campers.

One of our main goals going into camp, besides making sure that the Gospel was clearly proclaimed and that the children saw the love of Christ in all of the staff, was to encourage the campers to renew their spiritual strength daily by implementing a time of personal devotions with God into their daily schedule (not only while they were at camp, but also when they went home). Starting Monday morning right after breakfast, we explained to the campers the importance of feasting on the Word of God daily to provide us with the spiritual nutrients we needed to get through our days. We had each dorm divide up into small groups and find a spot outside/ inside/ or wherever they chose. The counselor in each group led and instructed the children in what a personal devotion time with God could look like.

It was such a blessing to walk
around camp every morning after breakfast and see small groups of children participating in devotion time with their counselors. One group of girls huddled all together around their counselor on the rock between the foot bridge and lodge, two other groups laid claims to the foot bridge (girls group on one end, boys group on the other), one group chose the bell tower, another the swings, another group took up residence on the new cement bridge over the dry wash. No matter where the groups met, the campers listened and participated in the reading of God's word and praying.

We pray that seeds were sown into the hearts of
these young people, and the desire to feast on His Word continues.

Praise God for an exciting week at camp!!
-Tim and Mindy Seeley

Camper Quotes

"I learned that God never breaks His promises."
-Martin E.

"GREAT camp, great food, great teaching, and great counselors."
-Mario D.

"My favorite things about camp include riding the horses, meeting my counselors for the week, and becoming their friend."
-C. Jackson

"It was the best week ever."
-Leela F.


Here are a few photos from the week:
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