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Reflections: Foundation Camp

Reflections from the Director

This year, there were 40 young adults in attendance at Foundation Camp. This was an excellent group of young people - we thank the Lord for the many young adults interested in learning more about building a solid foundation.

This year's teaching and training fit under three components of Christian Maturity - Self Control, Godly Wisdom, and Responsibility. We trust that the two weeks of two hours per day in Bible Study plus many hours of teaching, a good amount of service projects, along with a couple of opportunities to witness on the streets will not only impact the lives of those who attended, but impact the building of God's Kingdom around the world.

Additionally, the time in the fort area and covered wagons was an excellent setting for training, as there are some natural opportunities to serve one another, as well as minimize the many distractions of the world.

It is truly a great privilege to serve with the other leaders in this program to help train young adults interested in impacting others for the glory of the Lord. As the culture is changing and hardening quickly, it will take mature individuals to help meet the culture's needs.

God Bless,
Dennis S.

Camper Quotes
This camp was unique in that we asked each camper to write out, specifically, what they would take home and try to implement in their lives from this point on. Here are just a few, of many, wonderful quotes:

"Thank you for these two weeks - they have impacted me more as a Christian, and as a person, than anything in my whole life."
-Phillip K.

"A good leader listens. I need to listen first and speak second."
-Garrett S.

"I learned that my relationship with Christ is like a marriage relationship - I need to learn to be 100% sufficient in him."
-Jessica K.

"I am a citizen of heaven, and as such, I am an ambassador for Christ. I desire for the world to recognize this by the way I look, speak, and act. Not only that, but I hope for them to desire to be citizens of heaven by watching me and other believers as we follow Jesus."
-Sharayah J.


Here are a few photos from the week:
For a complete set of this week's photos, click here.



Foundation Camp Service

This week there are two camps taking place at LWBC; 3rd-5th Grade Camp and [week two of] Foundation Camp. (We'll provide an update on 3rd-5th Grade Camp later in the week!)

Yesterday, Foundation Campers headed to LaCrosse to do street evangelism and surveys. There were a number of people who were willing to engage in open conversation about the Lord. It was an exciting thing to witness three professions of faith in Jesus.... we really saw a lot of answered prayer.

Today, the Foundation Campers were able to serve in Gays Mills area (approximately 30 miles south of LWBC) - the place had been pretty badly damaged by the recent floods. There has even been talk of relocating the town a mile away because of the damage. We helped out in nine homes, gutting out water-damaged areas as well as cleaning out basements. Some basements still had multiple inches of mud and up to 18 inches of water (which was needing to be completely cleaned and pumped out). We're thankful to the Lord that we could help them out; the families were very appreciative and said we helped save them a couple weeks' worth of work (in just one day). A handful of these families are even preparing to move back into their homes soon! It was a really neat opportunity to serve in a nearby photo of all the Foundation Campers and staff)

For more information, you can read a news story here and see photos here.



Summer Camp Schedule

It's official. Summer camps have begun! We just wrapped up 7th - 9th Grade Boy's Camp today, and Foundation Camp is still in progress. Please pray for the Foundation Campers if the Lord brings them to mind. They have one week left! We'll be sharing pictures and details of what took place during this last week at Boy's Camp. Be sure to come back to get the Director's update!

Here's a calendar of what the rest of the summer looks like. Don't worry - it's not too late to register for some of the camps! Call or email Missy for more details.