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Lake Geneva CCCA Conference

The LWBC staff is currently at the Lake Geneva CCCA Conference. It's been a really great trip for them so far. They have all been attending individual tracks, specific to their areas of camp, as well as listening to main session speakers. To see their schedule, you can go here.

The CCCA conference is always an encouraging time to be with other like-minded "camp" people from WI and IA.

Please keep the staff in your prayers, as they're gaining new ideas and meeting others, and as they're traveling back to LWBC on Wednesday.




Mexico Trip Update - Day 6

An update from Thursday

The crew is currently on their way home (last night when we spoke with Dennis, they were in Alamagordo at 9:30pm). The border crossing on the way out went fine.

The held their outreach program and 40 kids came. It was a great little outreach; they had a carnival, played soccer with the kids, and Mr. Hernandez shared the gospel to kids. Also, they reached out to 15 teenagers from the community. Chris Sanner did some team building with those teens and shared a message.

The hard-working crew finished tiling the kitchen and completed the plumbing (but found out there were leaks, so they couldn't finish it. Please pray that can get done soon!).

They are hoping to return home by 4pm today!

Stay tuned for pictures from the trip....


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Mexico Trip Update - Day 4

Tuesday was a productive day, even though the weather was very hot, which made the work quite exhausting. A few of the team got burned from the hot sun.

The team met with three pastors from the area and one of them shared a challenge in the evening. The Lord has been challenging us all to love each other in the group and those who we are ministering to in Mexico -- especially those who are not as easy to love (John 13:35).

We finished all the Team Adventure Challenge elements just in time for a team of 12 seminary student to go through the course tomorrow! Pease pray for Chris Sanner tomorrow, as he facilitates this in Spanish.

Over the next few days some of the team is going to go help fix up home for families where the mothers have cancer; they'll install doors, pour concrete floor (can you even imagine living with no doors or a dirt floor in your home?), and fix a roof - a very leaky roof.

We should be ready to turn the water at the LCI Center tomorrow. Up to this point the team has had to use buckets to carry all the water from a different location. The team has been working on laying tile in the main kitchen area at the center and it should be ready to use next week!

We sincerely appreciate the prayers, we feel the Lord's hand watching over us.

Please continue to pray for us - for outreach on Thursday and for Chris facilitating TAC tomorrow.

Thank you!!

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Mexico Trip Update - Day 3

The trip is going well so far!

We are thankful to the Lord for safety and for the unity of the group working together. Tim Gamwell and Chris Sanner have spoken to us in the evenings and we had a great time of groups praying last night. It went longer than expected, but it was encouraging to all of the group. =)

We have had only one scorpion bite - which is like a nasty bee sting. We have seen other scorpions along with several black widows, but people are being very cautious when reaching into dark spots and before putting on shoes and getting into sleeping bags.

Yesterday, the wind was strong and blew dust and sand around. We experienced problems with sand in the eyes and hair, and the sand pelting the skin was a little uncomfortable. Despite all this, we are still encouraged by the opportunity to work and minister to the people in and around the Carlos Chavira compound (where we are working) and Hacienda (where we are staying).

We visited an Indian community and an orphanage/elderly care center on Sunday (as mentioned in the last update). It is so great to see God's faithfulness in such a poor area! The work went well on Monday with working on the water system at the Chavira compound. Water is very important here in the desert.

The construction of the team building program elements is going well, and we are getting ready for the training on Wednesday. Local seminary students and pastors are hoping to join us on Wednesday to receive training on the team building activities. Hopefully, the first group of local children will be on-site to use the program on Thursday.

The tile in the kichen areas is going well. Mary Ann and Mindy are heading this project, with several helpers. This will allow all the storage and prep areas to get completed.

Keep praying -- thanks!



Mexico Trip Update - Day 1/2

The crew arrived safely in Mexico yesterday morning after 31 hours straight of driving. Yesterday (Saturday) they were able to visit the LCI main campus in Juarez and plan out the things they will be doing over the next week, including:
  • design and build 8-10 team building elements for teens/adults
  • design and build 6 more teaching elements for children.
Today the group went to a bilingual church in Sunland Park, NM (just across the border from Juarez, Mexico). Then in the afternoon they went to visit an orphanage in Mexico, as well as a mission that works with the Tarahumara Indians who live in Jauarez. (The Tarahumara Indians are a group of indigenous people who come from a mountainous area, 8 hours south of Juarez, in hopes to find work to provide for their families.)

Thank you for your continued prayer support!

Keep checking back here or on Facebook for more updates.



Upcoming Event {Mexico Mission Trip}

Our crew of 30+ people will be leaving for Juarez, Mexico this Friday, March 5th. Please keep us in your prayers as we spend the week serving the Lord down there. We're hoping to tile, dry wall, clean and paint around the LCI campus as well as visit an orphanage, hand out scripture materials and to participate in outreach to teens in the area.

We so appreciate your prayer support as we travel to Mexico!



Current Prayer Requests

As we kick off summer camps, we have lots of prayer requests! We appreciate your prayers. Here is a list of a few current requests:

  • That their hearts are ready.
  • We have a lot of room for all camps – we need more campers!
  • We combined Family Camp #1 with/into Family camp #2 and still have room for many families!
  • Safety for all.
  • We are encouraging families struggling with the current economic state to not be afraid to ask for help so they can be encouraged form the Lord.
  • Pray for Work Week and helpers. We have lots of shingles to put on. We have lots of staining and cleaning to do.
  • Foundation camp started Saturday, June 13th.
  • Boy's Camp starts this weekend.
  • That they come filled with the Holy Spirit and “ready to give an answer”.
  • That they come rested and ready to give their all.
  • We are all have full schedules but are enjoying serving together – pray Satan stays out of the way!
  • Pray for the staff as the fall will be just as busy or more than the summer months. We will need help with food service and activities. We have 7 new groups scheduled between this spring and fall that have signed up since asking the Lord to fill some spots in the schedule.
  • Pray we find a replacement for Missy.
  • Ray and Kelly started the beginning of this month as part-time Marketing Manger. We hope they can be of help to inform people of where they can be involved at Living Waters Bible Camp.
  • The Seeleys start the end of this month.
  • Were holding steady until this month when the impact of less campers signing up meant less registration fees coming in. We are at over a $20,000 drop in fees.
  • The staff worked real hard this winter and we just received an $11,000 return from our pre-pay propane account. This is a praise to help with the other shortfall.
  • Pray we don’t run worried or fret but are careful with all the Lord brings in.
Thanks for praying!

On behalf of all the staff,