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Reflections: 3rd - 6th Grade Camp #2 2009

From the Directors of 3rd - 6th Grade Camp #2:

Although it has been a whole month since 3-6th Grade Camp #2, memories and blessings experienced during camp that week are still fresh in our minds. We had a great group of children who were - for the most part - cooperative, obedient, and eager to learn. We were blessed to have an awesome group of servant-minded volunteers working to serve the campers and each other. It was such a blessing to see the unity in the staff and the care and concern they displayed towards each other and the campers.

The central theme and message of the Bible was clearly taught during the evening chapel services, and staff and campers alike were challenged to be “firmly planted” in the Word of God. Morning classes, taught by husband/wife teams, focused on aspects of the life of a tree and how it applied to the lives of the camper. After breakfast each morning, campers were encouraged to participate in a time of personal devotions with their counselor and a few of their cabin buddies. During this time, campers were taught what a quiet time could look like, so they could take this skill home with them and practice it daily.

The highlight of the week for us was the salvation of two of the campers; both children willingly and boldly shared their testimonies with others (one shared it in front of the whole group on Friday evening). We praise God for these two decisions and for any other decisions that were made that we may not be aware of (and may never know of). Another highlight of the week happened at the registration table the first day of camp when one of the campers who had attended camp last year and had accepted Christ as his Savior let us know that he had been reading the Bible we had given him last year. Pointing to the Bible, which he carried under his arm, he informed us that he had started reading in Genesis and was up to the book of Numbers. What a blessing!

We feel privileged to have been a part of this memorable week and look forward to serving God at LWBC!

-Tim and Mindy S.



Reflections: Family Camp 2009

From Kelly Siler:

There may have been just a small amount of families, but that definitely didn't hinder the magnitude of how God worked in the lives of those of us who were able to attend Family Camp 2009. We were we able to enjoy great food, wonderful fellowship, and a short retreat (Sunday through Wednesday) with our families down at camp.

While the kids were out experiencing nature programs, the parents were blessed by the video series from the 2009 "Focus on Marriage" Conference. Though it was originally broadcast as a national simulcast conference, we didn't feel like it was at all second-rate. The Lord still used the speakers from that conference to make a deep impact on our marriages -- the foundation of our families.

I think it's safe to say that we all left camp encouraged, well-nourished, and with a purer love for our spouse and family. Oh, and I probably shouldn't talk about how much fun we (the parents) had playing "Digital Praise" one evening because I'm still not sure if we broke a rule by "dancing" at camp or not...




Reflections: Girls Camp 2009

From the Director of Girls Camp 2009:

This year at Girls Camp we had the privilege of seeing the Lord's amazing power moving in hearts and lives! Our theme this year was Firmly Planted on God's promises with the tag line of "God's promises are always, always, always, always true!" Opening our Monday chapel time with staff testimonies, the staff had the opportunity to share how God has been faithful in their lives. During our camper testimony time at the campfire on Friday night we had the joy of seeing the girls be able to apply the things they were learning to their own lives. The schedule was full of a wide variety of activities, everything from a glow in the dark party to our 80's banquet. We are so thankful to have been a part of the girls' lives for the week and really count it a privilege to be used by the Lord in this way!




Reflections: 11th and 12th Grade Camp 2009

From the Director of 11th and 12th Grade Camp:

11th and 12th Grade Camp was a great week spent reviewing the foundation of Christianity. John Lyman was the guest speaker for the entire week and he carried the campers through 5 major topics including who God is, why we should believe the Bible, our human state, sin and salvation, and future events. Many of the campers and staff began asking great questions by mid-week.

Rain changed our plans multiple times, including our overnight camping trip. We drove two hours to hike in the rain and then drove home again. I like when God changes our plans because it means He is in charge – not me. We were also able to do the tree climb for the first time. The view from 75 ft. in the air is amazing!

The highlight of the week was the influence of one of our campers named Jacob. Jacob lost his father and sister a couple of years ago in an auto accident and he also suffered traumatic head injuries. His comments tell it all: “I lost my father, my sister, and half of me, but I love God.” Jacob challenged all of us to live each day as if it were our last.




Reflections: 3rd - 6th Grade Camp 2009

From the Directors of 3rd - 6th Grade Camp:

Deb and I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve along with our staff and the LWBC staff last week at 3rd-6th grade camp. Even after many years of coming to Living Waters the excitement of watching the valley fill with campers never dwindles. 65 campers made their way to camp to take part in as many activities as possible along with learning more from God's Word. Lumberjack Day, a visit to the Felten farm, water day, campfires, scavenger hunt, and a 50's ice cream social night were just a few of the things enjoyed by all.

We had the privilege of seeing 4 campers profess salvation, and a couple of others be built up in their faith. What tops it off is reading through evaluations and seeing comments like, "I wish camp was longer" or "I loved my counselor/teacher" or best of all, "I will see you in Heaven, Mr. Felten". May God receive all the glory and His Kingdom multiplied.

-Tim & Deb


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Inspirational Stories: Boy's Camp 2009

From one of our Boy's Camp counselors:

"I left camp on Friday to attend a wedding back in Minneapolis. I decided that I wanted to return to camp after the wedding so I could hear how Friday went and also be there for goodbye's on Saturday morning. So I drove down the hill towards camp at 12:50am Saturday morning wondering if the boys of Ottawa would still be awake. I noticed the lounge light still on at Ottawa as I parked my car. I was so anxious to find out what had happened at camp while I was away.

I walk into Ottawa and Kaleb, Matt and Steve are in the lounge with five campers. They wanted me to guess what had happened that night. It turns out that two of them had accepted Christ and one had re-dedicated his life. They were all just *beaming*. They each told me how they had accepted Jesus into their lives after the Chapel time. They told me about how the three of them stood up at the campfire and told the others of their decisions that night. It was so fun to hear all about it. They individually had each thought through things and made their own decisions for Jesus. Praise God!

We all hugged each other and then sang some praise some right there in the lounge until 2am. Amazing! I could see changes already in each camper. Saying goodbye on Saturday wasn't so hard, since they were secure in Jesus."

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Reflections: Boys Camp 2009

From the Director of Boys Camp:

We had a fantastic week at Boys Camp 2009. The weather was hot, but that just made water activities that much better. This week we studied the summer theme of "firmly planted". These guys learned the lessons from the life of David. The theme verse of Jeremiah 17:7-8 was the focus of the week -- "blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord in storms, avoids sin, abides deeply, and produces fruit."

Some of the fun things this week were paintball, capture the flag, making pinewood derby cars, making bread, learning about maple syrup, climbing the tower, doing the zip line and giant swing, basketball and archery tournaments, and anything that relates to water.

Both the staff and campers were great. It would be hard to beat the quality of these 46 young men we had as campers this week. We had minimal discipline issues to deal with and were all encouraged in how they seemed to desire to learn more about God and his Word. The highlight of this week was the entire day of Friday. On Friday, we had four young men make decisions for Christ and one rededicate his life. Please pray for the campers. Pray that they would take what they learned at camp and truly apply it to their lives... and not only for a week or two until the "camp high" wears off. We hope and pray that these young men will continue to grow with Christ and that they will be on fire for the Lord.

A warm thanks to all the campers, parents, Boys Camp, and LWBC full-time and summer staff who made this wonderful week possible!

Tom D.



Meet Our 2009 Staff!

Current Full-Time LWBC Staff
(Top, L-R: Tim, Chris, Andrew, Aaron, Ray, Dennis; Bottom, L-R: Tim, Joy, Rachal, Missy, Dan)

Male Summer Staff
(L-R: Tim, Andy, Jesse)

Female Summer Staff
(L-R: Caolae, Abby, Kristen, Brittney)

Group Shot of 2009 Summer Staff



Meet our New Baby Bison!

If you follow us on facebook you may have already seen our newest camp animal addition - Tilly, the baby bison. She arrived at camp last Sunday and was only three days old when we got her. She is still pretty small right now, but she has a spunky little attitude.
At the moment she is living in the investigation station, sharing space with the peacock, while keeping an eye out for the other animals that live in there in the summer. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to fence in a more permanent home for her up on the prairie, so you will have to look for her there next time you come to camp!


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We have a new bus!

About a month ago we purchased a new bus for camp. It seats a max of 72 people and, with our other bus, we should be able to transport almost all of the larger camps without needing to use the vans. By the time you see the bus it may have a new paint job, but until then here is in all its yellow/orange glory!
Now off to the pool!

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