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Summer Camp 2010


7th - 9th Grade Boys Camp 2010

On your mark, get set, GO!

That’s sort of how it feels to be a director at Boys Camp. We had a non-stop, action and adventure-filled week at camp. These activities included paintball, capture the flag, Coon Creek, tower, swing, zip ling. With it being Boys Camp, we had much competition including sports tournaments, “Minute to Win It” games, dorm inspection, fishing competitions, etc.

This week, we had 58 great campers that not only participated in energetic sing times, but also were eager to learn God’s Word and look at the vastness of the universe. Our daily themes included God is Big, God is Powerful, God is a God of Order and not chaos, What heaven really is, and now that we’ve learned all this—how do we apply it to our lives?

Though we had to shuffle the schedule due to the weather, we were able to look at Saturn and its rings through a telescope from the new Ridge Observatory. This universe that God has created is so big. Thanks to all the staff and campers for coming…and hopefully you’ve started to catch up on your lost sleep!

Boys Camp 2010