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Leadership Training at Fort

Many of you are aware The Fort area at camp has been under construction for several years.  With some extra help this year we've been making some great progress.  You can see, in the picture below, that the courtyard of the fort is nearly complete! We have hosted a few groups at the Fort over the years including CRU leadership who has enjoyed the setting that promotes serving one another.

One purpose we have for the Fort is to offer Pioneer Programs for groups hoping to grow in developing leadership through serving in a rustic setting. In September, we hosted a group that is starting a new Christian High School (Issac Newton Christian School) in Cedar Rapids Iowa. They refer to the first class of students as the Trail Blazing Class which was a great fit for the Fort Experience. Together, with the Fort experience we also provided sessions that connect the Christian Life with overcoming obstacles while pressing forward. Heb 12:1-3

The new 9th grade class of the new Issac Newton Christian School also enjoyed Creation and Adventure Programs, team building, cooking meals over the fire, learning to focus on the right target and enjoying some great fellowship together.

As a team adventure challenge they designed a plan for an imaginary 5 month journey in a 10 foot long wagon. This activity prompted decision making and consideration of what is truly necessary for a journey to a new land.  This provided many analogies to our journey together as fellow believers.

A few of the students made some encouraging statements on their evaluations.

"Through spending time with my class, we grew closer together and to God."

One highlight was "learning about trailblazing and relating it to our school."

"I saw Christ working in my life."

A favorite was "learning about God's creation."

"It was fun using my spiritual gifts."

We look forward to seeing how God will use this unique resource at camp to impact His Kingdom!







Retreat Guest Season


Retreat Guest Season

Over the past two months, our staff and volunteers have been able to serve a wide variety of guest groups.  We served a total of 845 guests in August and September; youth groups, Christian schools, family retreats, and college students.  We had opportunities to share the Gospel and provide our guests with times of spiritual growth through our creation programs, team building activities and adventure activities. 

We welcomed two new school groups to the peaceful valley this fall.  Seven Rivers Public Charter school from Lacrosse came to camp in early September with their Junior and Senior class.  They spent time focusing on leadership development and team building.  We are always excited to serve a public school group!  Isaac Newton Christian Academy from Cedar Rapids, IA became our first school group to utilize the Fort for their 9th grade retreat. 

Another new opportunity we had at camp this month was to host the Westby Area Chamber of Commerce.  Local business owners and leaders, including the mayor, gathered in the Living Waters Twin Oaks room.  Dennis led them in strategic planning exercises.  It is a privilege for camp to be a resource for the community in this way.  Building relationships with our neighbors is an important value to the camp.

The guest group season is a busy time at camp, but it is also a very rewarding time of ministry and service.  Thank you to all the donors and volunteers that made it possible. 

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