The Prairie once covered much of North Central United States.  This massive ecosystem supported many unique native plants, animals and systems.  At Living Waters we have restored a native prairie to allow our guests to walk through these tall grasses and discover it's wonderful design.

Come for your own tour of our Prairie.  Learn how important fire is to the prairie.  Learn about the different types of grasses.  Play a game of hide and seek.  See how the settlers lived in this natural setting.

Walk through our restored tall grass prairie (late summer, early fall)



  • Campers will learn how to resist sin and nurture righteousness in their lives


  • Campers will learn about the history of the prairies
  • Campers will learn to identify some prairie plants and their unique features
  • Campers will learn the maintenance and care of the prairie
  • Campers will learn about a few prairie animals

For more information or to book a tour call 608-634-4373