Every summer, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) brings approximately 8,000 fingerling brown trout to the camp's rearing pond. We feed them and care for them throughout the year.  The next spring - with the help of the DNR - the fish (now 10-12 inches in length) are released into local streams and rivers.

We offer tours of the rearing pond and a program to learn more about the trout's amazing design.  See the fish up close, hold a trout in your hands and find out how they survive in the wild.  If you and your group would like to schedule a tour, please contact us at 608-634-4373.

As campers explore a natural spring, a beautiful stream, and a brook trout raceway they will discover what is needed in their own life for spiritual growth.



  • Campers will learn to identify the spiritual habits needed to thrive in living the Christian life.
  • Campers will be challenged to identify one area in their life that needs to be restored to help them live for Jesus Christ.   


  • Campers will learn what conditions make a stream favorable for Brook Trout to thrive.
  • Campers will learn the uniqueness of Brook Trout and how to identify them.
  • Campers will understand the restoration process of trout streams and the role Living Waters has in this process.