Come experience the days of creation as you walk through the Creation Museum, and consider the purpose of the seventh day when God rested.



  • Campers will realize God as Creator and some of His other attributes revealed in creation such as: Omnipotence (all powerful), Omniscience (all knowing), Omnipresence (always present – outside of time), Eternal/Self-existence (separate from creation).
  • Campers will understand the basics of a straightforward reading of Genesis, meaning God created by His word, in six ordinary days, several thousand years ago.
  • Campers will realize how all of scripture is consistent in a literal creation understanding.
  • Campers will recognize God systematically forming the universe for life on earth to care for people.  This planning reveals His characteristic of love and immutability (never changing).


  • Campers will hear scientific creation models that help us understand the created universe.  
  • Campers will learn interesting facts that highlight each day of creation
  • Campers will have a visual mental guide to remember the days of creation

Additional Goals for the Rest Center Portion:

  • Campers will appreciate the seventh day of the creation week and see how God provides rest for people.
  • Campers will learn about the properties of work and rest.