The Creation Adventure Retreat is an ideal retreat for families and creation enthusiasts of all ages. Children and adults will worship and learn together. A mix of teaching and program will offer something for the whole family.  Choose from a variety of outdoor creation programs that offer hands on learning in the beauty of God's creation while sessions provide opportunities for learning and for sharing.

Our time will include; Nature Programs, Creation Training, Creation Museum Tours, Worship Music, Meals, Snacks, Fellowship and Nature Hikes.

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  • 6:00pm Check in
  • 7:00 Session I
  • 8:00 Night Sky Adventure
  • 9:00 Store


  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 8:30 Introduction
  • 9:00 Adventure Options
  • 10:45 Adventure Options
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 1:30 Adventure Options
  • 3:30 Sharing Time/Worship
  • 4:30 Closing


Evidence for a Creator
This eye-opening hike will make you more aware of the intricacy of God’s creation as you explore the design and beauty in the woods.  We will discover ways to connect with our Creator as we see His handiwork in creation.

Fossil Dig
Start to understand fossils and do some digging for your own fossil!  As we explore what fossils reveal to us, we will consider what impressions our lives leave behind on other people.

Extraordinary Animals
On the sixth day of creation week God made the animals, including the ones that creep along the ground.  We will enjoy interacting with these amazing reptiles and amphibians.

Sensory Hike
Turn on your senses as we encounter God’s creation.  God has given us just 5 ways to observe our surroundings.  Discover how powerful and perfectly designed our senses are for exploring the world we live in.

Water Rockets
Come soar in the rocket program examining the laws of nature, and be inspired by God’s order that allows amazing achievements in space.

Creation Museum
Enjoy a guided tour of the six days of creation.  Experience hands-on areas to investigate God’s works, a star constellation board, a rock display, multiple insect displays and over 200 mounted specimens!


Comfortable private family cabins.  Temperature controlled rooms with bunk beds and private bathrooms. 


Creation Adventure Retreat - (1 night lodging and 2 meals)

Teen and up - $43
Children 6-12 - $38
Children 3-5 - $23
Under 3 - Free

Conference Fee includes:

  • Friday and Saturday programed activities.
  • Lodging for Friday night
  • Saturday Meals (breakfast & lunch)