Bible Based Christian Service Training Camp

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Living Waters is a volunteer based ministry, which means we literally cannot survive without volunteers. This is why Living Waters invests so heavily in recruiting and training people to serve at camp.

Over the past few summers attendance at all our summer camps has skyrocketed. Praise God! Unfortunately we have had to turn away campers, not for a lack of space, but for a lack of volunteers. For this reason we are ramping up our efforts to recruit and train more volunteers, and Foundation Camp is a key piece in that initiative.

Even though Foundation Camp has always been required training for new Living Waters volunteers, we have happily welcomed all young people, even if they had no plans to serve at camp. Over the last two years Foundation Camp has experienced the same explosive growth as our other camps, which means we have had to turn away potential trainees due to a lack of space.

Because we have welcomed all on a first come first served basis, some of our slots are occupied by students who have no plans to serve at camp, while others who do plan to serve are unable to get in. Because of our volunteer shortage, we have been compelled to change our application process, so as to give priority to students who plan to serve at Living Waters.

Beginning this year the application process will be as follows:

  1. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted online beginning January 1.

  2. Priority will be given to students who…

    1. Manifest a standard of maturity (spiritual and emotional) outlined in the application.

    2. Demonstrate a commitment to using their training to serve for at least one week per year at Living Waters. (Every FC graduate is required to complete on the job training, which will fulfill the requirement for the first summer.)

    3. The minimum age for FC is 15. However, if space is limited, priority will be given to those 16 and above because they have a greater range of roles they can fill once they begin serving at camp.

  3. Unlike previous years, applications will be collected until February 1, at which time we will review all applications and select those candidates who demonstrate the greatest potential to put their FC training to work at Living Waters. Candidates will be notified of their status by February 4.

  4. Students who apply after February 1, or are under 16, or who do not plan to serve at Living Waters, will be placed on a waiting list and accepted into the program on a space available basis, and will be notified by February 17.


Ages 15 years and up.

Designed specifically for those interested in developing a solid foundation for growing in their spiritual life, Foundation Camp is a two week intense Bible Study and personal assessment that will reveal both your strengths and weaknesses.  You will learn about: spiritual gifts and inductive Bible studies, develop your life map, learn about and experience sharing your faith and much more! Also, you will receive feedback as to how and where to use your gifts and abilities in the future at Living Waters and with other ministries. 

Enrollment in Foundation Camp is based on approval through an application process. Please take a moment to review the Parent Letter and the camper Counting the Cost documents and then follow the application link below.


Check-in: Saturday June 13th, 10:45AM to 11:15AM.

Closing program: Saturday June 27th at 9:30AM.


$TBD (per person)


Dave Hart, a pastor at Bible Truth Chapel in Wausau WI, excels at revealing God's methods for transforming people.  He is a truly gifted teacher of the Bible, helping young people realize the areas of their life that are holding them back from submitting to Jesus.  He has been leading Foundation Camp for years and looks forward to this training opportunity every year. 

Dennis Siler is passionate about training young people to serve the Lord.  As director of the camp for over 30 years, he has led hundreds of young people to Christ and trained them to surrender their life to God.

Jeff Riley is the Chair of the Educational Ministries Department at Emmaus Bible College.  Jeff's professional experience in youth and camp ministry give him unique insight into training young people for service.  He loves to personally disciple students and see them grow closer to the Lord.

Registration for Foundation Camp is a two step process. Click the APPLY NOW button to fill out the application. Once your application is accepted you will be sent an invitation to Register. Please make sure you complete both steps to reserve your spot at F.C.