Your daughter needs you in your role as a Mom!  She might not say it or always act like it, but you are a critical part of her life.  As Moms, we need to continually be on our knees praying for ourselves and our daughters!  

Join us this weekend to spend purposeful, quality time with your daughter!  We will take care of everything.  We will have quality meals, meaningful activities and inspirational speakers to help you and your daughter grow closer together.

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Our Speaker

Sharif Welch

Sharif lives in Buffalo, Minnesota with her husband Vince, her four children and her mom. With three generations of women living under one roof, she has daily experience in the role of both daughter and mother. Relationships are a blessing but require intentionality. When our relationship with God is growing, our relationship with those we love will too.

Sharif loves to share practical ways to use God’s Word to grasp His love and to train our hearts and our minds to love Him in return. We are never too young or too old to be intentional with our thoughts and stand firm in God’s Truth. The grace and kindness God has shown her compels Sharif to tell others of His Love through speaking, writing and serving through various ministries.

She enjoys a slow jog, a good podcast, food with family and friends and a hand-crafted latte. For the record she does not enjoy dusting or folding laundry.



Take this weekend away with your daughter(s) in fellowship with one another under Biblical training from God shared through the experience of other moms who have gone (or are going) through the same joys and struggles as you!

You can expect, as with any Living Waters program, quality training and creative programming while having a great time in God's creation. 

If you want to deepen your relationship with your mom or daughter (ages 6 and up) this retreat is for you!


Friday 6:00pm Check In

Sunday 12:00pm Departure

Two nights and five meals plus snacks


Teens, Moms, and Grandmothers: $109

Children ages 6-12: $89

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