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Living Waters Bible Camp Full-Time Summer Staff (serving June 3rd to August 5th) play a vital role in what God is doing at camp. We offer a week and a half of Summer Staff training for every staff member to prepare them for service at camp. Throughout the summer, department leaders will offer advice and evaluation with the intent to help you grow in your service in God's kingdom. Morning personal Bible study and nightly group studies will encourage you to grow in your faith and your relationships with other believers. All staff are given the opportunity to participate in an end of the summer training program called Omega Camp.

Our goal is to prepare you for service beyond camp. It will be time well spent!  You will come away from this summer with quality training and life changing experiences from serving in God's Kingdom.  

Our staff choose to come as volunteer or paid staff. Paid staff provide 20 - 30 names and addresses of friends and family. Living Waters will send a letter on your behalf asking them to consider supporting your salary for the summer. This allows for us to pay Summer Staff as well as keep camp costs low. Please pray about it and contact the Operations Manger for more details. 

We encourage you to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider your calling this summer. 

Staff Training starts on June 3, 2020.

Program concludes on August 5, 2020

To find out more, please read the Summer Staff Handbook.