Volunteers are a critical part of this ministry.  Living Waters would not exist if it were not for our volunteers.  It was volunteers who started this camp in 1970.  They served on weekends and holidays building facilities and grounds.  Volunteers helped facilitate summer camps and serve groups.  Volunteers are a rich part of the Living Waters culture and history!

We believe that campers, who see mature Christian adults sacrificing their time, are significantly more impacted than they are by paid staff.  Campers are challenged by the servant hearted role-models who serve at Living Waters.

So plan now for your next opportunity to be a part of what God is doing here at camp.  He is changing lives one at a time!  Serve in the kitchen, in program areas or just come and offer your skills for use in God's Kingdom.  Bring your family or bring a friend for a rewarding time of service at camp.


View and print a list of Volunteer Needs

Volunteer registration

**Must be completed at least two weeks prior to serving at camp.**

Complete the Volunteer Registration process:

(I have filled out a volunteer application before)

 (I have never volunteered at Living Waters before)

(I have a child 13 or under who is coming to camp with me but is not volunteering)

Please take time to read the Weekly Volunteer Handbook.

Staff Training:

Our staff training weekends are held in the spring each year. There are three opportunities for you to attend the training necessary. They will begin at 9:00AM and concluded at 4:00PM.

Westby WI at camp: June 1st, 2019

Training Videos:

Training videos are available for your review. Thank you for taking the time to watch the training videos. As you watch the videos please complete the video training worksheet. Email or bring your completed worksheet to Paul at opsmgr@lwbc.org.

Theme Description: Jason Campbell

Camp Update: Dennis Siler

Policy Update: Paul Thompson

Trauma Training: Dennis Siler

Teaching Grid: Please review the 10 year theme teaching grid. We are developing a comprehensive list of our themes and teaching material for all 10 themes. Look it over and make note of any topic that may be missing or that needs adjustment. On your video training worksheet you will be asked for your input on the project.